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Police release results from the latest Citizens’ Satisfaction Survey

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The results from the latest Citizens’ Satisfaction Survey are now available on the Police national website. 

Deputy Chief Executive (Strategy) Mark Evans says the latest survey shows some positive areas of service and highlights areas for further improvement.

“Trust and confidence in Police nationally remains high and stable this year at 77%, unchanged from 2015/16. This reflects respondents who said they have full or quite a lot of confidence in Police,” Mr Evans says.

Questions on service attribute measures remained largely stable, including 89% of respondents who reported that they were treated fairly and 89% who reported that the staff they dealt with were competent. The remaining two service attributes decreased (relating to staff doing what they said they would do and taking individual circumstances into account). Overall satisfaction has decreased to 82% from 84% in 2015/16.

“While trust and confidence in Police is high and stable, we still need to keep improving if we are going to achieve our ambitious target of 90% trust and confidence and citizen satisfaction by 2021.”

Police is committed to working effectively with its partners to prevent crime and victimisation, target and catch offenders, and deliver a more responsive Police service to be the safest country.

“With the increased Government investment in Police and a solid plan in place for delivering on this, we are in a great position to build on the gains we have made as an organisation and see further improvement in all aspects of our service,” Mr Evans says.

The Citizens’ Satisfaction Survey has been run on behalf of Police since 2008 and this year presents the results of over 9,000 interviews, conducted between July 2016 and June 2017.

According to Mr Evans, the survey reflects Police’s dedication to improving the way it delivers services to the public.

“Police conduct the survey every year to measure how we are doing and better direct our efforts. The feedback we get is invaluable and we thank those who have taken the time to share their views.”

Survey participants are asked questions relating to trust and confidence, perceptions of safety and Police’s role in the community. It also asks people who have had recent contact with Police about their service experience, including their overall satisfaction. These questions relate to Police’s commitment of service which includes treating the public fairly, taking individual circumstances into account, and providing good value for money.

You can find the full Citizens’ Satisfaction Survey results, along with previous years' results here:


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