Friday, 10 April 2015 - 5:38pm |
Auckland City

Relentless results

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Finding long term, sustainable solutions to crime, road trauma and anti-social behaviour was the aim of a Police operation across the Auckland City District this week.

Operation Relentless, held on Wednesday, April 8, was the first of a series of planned activities during which staff from across the District were involved in co-ordinated high visibility patrolling and community reassurance.

"Responding to and investigating crime and crashes will always be central to our role, but prevention must be at the forefront of all our business if we are to continue to reduce offending, victimisation and tackle the root causes of crime," District Manager Youth & Community, Inspector Ross Barnaby said.

"It's important for all staff, irrespective of whether they are usually station-bound, to get out and about in our many communities to work alongside other organisations, partner agencies and Iwi to help empower those communities to help themselves when it comes to preventing crime."

Over 16 hours, Operation Relentless featured increased numbers of beat patrols, liaison with communities, businesses, licensees and road users.

"Often simple crime prevention measures can stop victims being repeatedly targeted. Police are in a unique influential position to ensure that the right advice and support reaches the right people when they need it most."

"Our aims may be very simple - to make a difference and to make our communities safer - but to do that effectively we need to truly know our communities and fully understand what will help them in the longer-term."

Operation Relentless results:

1924 Vehicles stopped at 22 road check points across the District

4 Drivers processed for Excess Breath Alcohol between 250 – 400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath

5 Drivers processed for Excess Breath Alcohol over 400+ micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath

13 Second-hand dealer checks conducted

24 Licensed hotel premise checks conducted

70 Foot patrols conducted (visiting business premises at shopping centres)

14 Arrests made for a variety of offences including - receiving stolen property, possession of drugs, failing to appear at Court, threatening behaviour, driving while disqualified.