Thursday, 16 April 2020 - 12:23pm |

Reminder – keep your vehicles secure

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Canterbury Police are reminding people to keep security top of mind, after a number of reports of items being stolen from unlocked vehicles recently.

Detective Senior Sergeant Damon Wells of Canterbury CIB says there’s been an increase in unlocked cars being targeted, and wallets and other valuables stolen.

“It might be easy to think that because most of us are at home all the time right now, that your vehicle won’t get targeted in your driveway.

“But the reality is, there are still people out there who will take advantage of lax security.

“We’re encouraging you to not to get complacent – take simple steps to make it harder for criminals.

“It’s a matter of making sure you lock your doors every time you leave your vehicle, and take any valuables inside with you.”

Detective Senior Sergeant Wells says the recent move to increase the limit on Paywave transactions is another very good reason to be especially vigilant around wallets.

“With the Paywave limit being increased to $200 for many cards, it means it’s easier for criminals to access more of your hard-earned cash if they get hold of your cards.  

“So please, take these simple steps to protect your property and vehicles.”

Anyone wanting to report a theft from a vehicle can now do so online , or phone Police on 105.


Issued by Police Media