Sunday, 27 October 2013 - 11:34am |

Search continues for missing French man

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West Coast Police and search and rescue volunteers are continuing their search for a 32 year old French man who has been reported overdue from a tramp.

Yohan Simon, who is a New Zealand resident, was dropped off at the Karamea Bluff on Happy Valley Saddle on 18 October and was to be collected by a friend on Monday 21 October.

Search and rescue teams spent all day on Saturday looking for Mr Simon but did not find any trace of him.

Police now have information that he may have gone to a hut in the Little Wanganui area, near Falls Creek.

Searchers are being hampered in their efforts to reach the hut on foot due to swollen rivers. It is hoped a helicopter will be able to fly into the area today to check the hut.