Friday, 6 March 2015 - 1:49pm |

Text scam warning

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Police are warning people against responding to a text message being sent out today from “Scott Skelby from Standard Chartered Bank, London” to contact him at a hotmail address for a “vital transaction”.

Police have received information from several people, including Police Officers and Police staff, who have received the same text message and believe it is a scam.

Tasman District Intelligence Manager Inspector Iain McKenzie said people needed to be aware that foreign banks would not be contacting them by email.

“The request to contact this person at a personal hotmail address should also be a clue. I doubt any bank employee anywhere would be authorised to do that for legitimate purposes.”

Inspector McKenzie said that while the approach lacked credibility, there was always the risk someone may feel obliged to respond and could fall victim to a scam.

Anyone who received the text message or similar message by any means should delete it and not respond, he said.