Sunday, 13 February 2022 - 8:05pm |

UPDATE – Protest activity, Parliament grounds

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Statement attributable to Superintendent Corrie Parnell, Wellington District Commander:

Wellington Police will have a highly visible presence in and around the Parliament grounds tomorrow to provide reassurance for those going to work and school in the city.

We will have foot patrols in around the area of the railway station, up Molesworth Street, and streets adjoining the protest activity. We encourage commuters to the area, to plan for continued traffic disruption, but we want everyone coming into the city to feel safe.

Police will also continue to monitor the protesters.

In the meantime, our planning for a way forward is advanced and we are urging leaders of various protest groups to work with us to clear the roads, and allow the public freedom of movement for traffic and surrounding businesses while retaining their ability to protest lawfully.

There are a number of complexities in dealing with protesters with a variety of causes and leaders, but we will persist in finding open lines of communication with group leaders as we urge them to engage to work with us.

We are offering to facilitate an alternative location for the vehicles and campervans,  currently blocking streets around Parliament to be based, while they continue a lawful demonstration at Parliament.

We are also concerned about the number of children still present at the site, as health conditions particularly around sanitation, and risk of Covid, are now growing concerns.

There have been no further arrests.


Issued by the Police Media Centre