Thursday, 12 March 2015 - 12:43pm |
National News

Update on Operation Concord - 1080 blackmail threat investigation

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Statement from Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement (As delivered at today's 10am media conference)

As of this morning police has received 42 contacts from the public in relation to Operation Concord. These have been in relation to a number of matters, and all information is being thoroughly considered and dealt with appropriately.

We are grateful for these contacts and Police would like to continue encouraging anyone with information to get in touch.  If you are not sure if your information is relevant please contact us anyway and let us make that judgement.

Police are also progressively visiting dairies in all districts to distribute information for consumers and retailers on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries. It is important that all retailers selling infant formula have access to the same information for the benefit of all consumers. Police and MPI are working to identify all retailers who sell infant formula.    

The Operation Concord investigation team is talking to a range of people who may have information which is relevant to the inquiry. There is a large number of people who we wish to talk to and it will take time to work through all of them.

We are doing this in a meticulous and thorough way to ensure nothing is missed which may help us. Those we have spoken to so far have been helpful, and they understand why we have approached them.

We would like to stress that just because we are speaking to an individual does not mean they are suspected of anything. We just want to know if they have any information which could assist us.

A number of historic issues which involved 1080 have also been raised with police over the last two days.  The investigation team is well aware of these matters and they are all being factored in to the inquiry to determine if there is any relevance to Operation Concord.

Finally I would again appeal to the person responsible for the letters. You know who you are, and you will have seen the effect of your threat.  You still have the opportunity to contact us so we can get this sorted out.  We urge you to do this quickly.    

How to contact police with information:

Contact the Operation Concord inquiry team on 0800 723 665 or email them at

Alternatively you can pass on information anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111