Thursday, 7 February 2019 - 10:03pm |

Update - Pigeon Valley Fire

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Residents in the area north of SH6 Wakefield between Pigeon Valley and Arnold Lane are being asked to be prepared to evacuate overnight as a result of the current fire situation in the wider area.

This is a precautionary warning in case an evacuation is required during the night.

We ask that people keep their phones on tonight should we need to contact them. There is a probability that a text alert may be sent. If this occurs please read these texts carefully as this message will describe if this is a warning or an evacuation.

We are asking people in the wider Wakefield area to be prepared and take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of property do the following:

·         Remove flammable items from around your house. This includes deck furniture and doors mats.
·         Dampen dry areas around the house especially where dry leaves could gather (includes wetting gutters, spraying decks, and making sure gaps are not open under the house)
·         Keep doors and windows closed overnight

It could also be time to

·         Find any house pets (cats and dogs), bring them inside for the night
·         Leave cellphones on and charged overnight so you can receive alerts
·         Contact neighbours and friends in the Wakefield area and make sure they are also prepared.
·         If you see spot fires – dial 111 immediately
·         Prepare essential items such as food, clothing and medication to take should you need to evacuate.

If you feel uncomfortable staying in the area and you choose to self-evacuate please register with Civil Defence on 03 543 8400.

If you are in danger or have immediate concerns for yourself or someone else call 111.

Police reiterate that this is a precautionary move. Police and emergency services will be in Wakefield making public announcements to residents and FENZ have crews in the Wakefield area as a precaution method.