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People of Police: Philippa, Evidential Sufficiency Officer

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Inspired by the Humans of New York photoblog, we’re showcasing some of the incredible stories and experience of people throughout our organisation.

Philippa, Evidential Sufficiency Officer, Victim Video Statement

Justice and law enforcement play a central part in my family history. From my great-great grandfather who was an Imperial Court Judge in Canton, China, to my grandfather who was a Superintendent in the Royal Hong Kong Police.

I remember as a little girl wanting to be a lawyer or a policewoman when I grew up. Little did I know I would combine both to work as a lawyer for the New Zealand Police.

An early experience I recall was going “on the beat” with police in Avondale. I was in my late teens and had just started law school. Looking back, this experience likely shaped my life, as I now work to support our frontline men and women, with a specialty in family violence matters.

After graduating, and practising in Australia for over a decade, my journey back to working for New Zealand Police has been varied and challenging to say the least.

I assisted Judges on circuit in outback Australia, worked as a defence lawyer, was a specialist family violence prosecutor, investigated corruption in prisons, practised as a family lawyer and then as a legal officer at Queensland Police Headquarters.

In this latter role I provided legal advice on covert police investigations including murders, drug trafficking, international fraud matters and assisted in drafting anti-outlaw motorcycle gang legislation.

Having children made me re-assess my dreams and desires. I always knew I wanted to move home, back to Aotearoa. I took a leap of faith and accepted a position with Police Prosecutions. I was on my way home.

The next challenge was to follow my heart and seek work life balance over long days in court and juggling family commitments. Again, the New Zealand Police pulled through for me.

I am excited now to be working in a dynamic role as an Evidential Sufficiency Officer in the Victim Video Statement Team at Counties Manukau. In this innovative role, I moderate victim statements provided on video.

Providing a video statement gives life to the victim’s story and more accurately portrays the devastating effects of family violence.

I provide timely legal advice in relation to charges and the strength of the evidence. Better still, I make a difference by engaging with frontline staff to train and coach them to improve file quality, positive interactions with victims and ultimately increase accountability in family violence offending. We give a “live” voice to family violence victims.

I am proud to have returned to my homeland, working with passionate, heart-felt kiwis who also desire to make New Zealand Police the best in the world.


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