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People of Police: Sharon, Executive Director, Finance

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People of Police: Sharon

Inspired by the Humans of New York photoblog, we’re showcasing some of the incredible stories and experience of people throughout our organisation.

Sharon, Executive Director, Finance

I have worked for New Zealand Police for eight years now and love being part of the Police whānau. I like to work for organisations I believe in and that share my core values, which New Zealand Police truly does. I enjoy working in finance, in a role supporting the frontline, as part of our team of 14,000.

I am fortunate to have had a varied career, with lots of opportunities. I started my career in a UK bank, which gave me a great grounding, strong work ethics, a robust customer service approach and huge attention to detail – all vital when looking after the money.

However, my true passion is building staff capability and creating change.

I have held a variety of roles from teaching scuba diving in Spain, to volunteering in Belize and Australia and working for a peacekeeping organisation in Egypt/Israel for seven years, which have all given me a broad perspective.

At Police, I look after two parts of the Finance Group - Strategic Finance and Corporate Finance. 

The Strategic Finance team is responsible for leading the relationship with Treasury and fostering a collaborative partnership in assisting the Executive in advancing the Police funding requirements.

The Corporate Finance team is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Finance Act. This includes reporting on the financials in the Annual Report, plus all the IRD, Select Committee and Treasury reporting. 

New Zealand Police has also encouraged me to make a difference across NZ Government. I was the co-lead of a Treasury project, within the Finance Development Programme, enabling shadowing opportunities for Finance employees across Government.  

My current focus is on Finance of the Future, looking to see how we can embrace the change that is coming to the finance profession – and, as always, focussing on our people.

My favourite catch phrase at work is... “Finance is Fun”. 


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