Note: except for specific circumstances, breeding stock are only able to be fostered in the North Island.

All puppies go into foster homes from eight weeks old. Police monitor their progress and may withdraw a puppy from the foster programme at any time for physical or behavioural reasons.

You will have the important role of socialising the dog with different people, places and things. You will also train the puppy to follow some key commands. This will prepare the dog to start training to meet the demanding role of a Police dog.

How will we help you?

Throughout the fostering period, we will visit you regularly to ensure that all is well, and to give you direction and guidance on how to care for the dog and resolve any problems. We will also provide follow-up support for any issues occurring between these programmed visits.

We will provide dog food and all the equipment you will need. We also pay for veterinary visits and supply flea and worm treatments.

What criteria must you meet?

To foster a police dog, you must be an adult and be able to provide a suitable environment that will support the dog’s development. This means that you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be prepared to follow our guidelines and rules for fostering a police dog. We will withdraw the dog from your care if these are not followed.
  2. Have a secure area that the dog will be safe in. The secure area should be fenced and keep the dog safe.
  3. Be prepared to provide the dog with exercise and socialisation. This means giving the dog daily exercise, regular socialisation with different people, places and things and allowing it to be inside the house at times.
  4. Be prepared to spend time on daily care, developmental exercises and play.
  5. Have a vehicle that the dog can travel in safely to vet visits and for socialisation.

We also consider:

  • Whether there are other dogs in the household. If so, we will consider this on a case by case basis.
  • If you rent your home, we ask that you provide a letter from your landlord consenting to you fostering a police puppy or dog at their property.


Please phone the Dog Training Centre at 04 494 3890.