Fostering FAQs

Can I foster a police dog if I have children?

Yes, but please be aware that caring for a dog is time consuming. This may not fit into a busy family life, particularly with very young children.

Can I foster a police dog if I have another dog or dogs?

Generally no, but will consider each application on a case by case basis.

Can I foster a police dog if I have other pets?

Yes, it is possible to foster a police dog if you have other pets. When considering your application we will look at the welfare of the animals concerned.

How much time will I need to spend on caring for the dog?

The dog will need to be exercised daily and socialised in the community several times a week. When the dog is very young it will only be capable of short spells of exercise. This will increase as it gets older.

Will the dog be allowed inside my house?

The dog will be allowed inside your house for short periods of time while it is young. It will spend most of the time outside, in its’ kennel, or exercising and being socialised in the community.

What happens when I go on holiday or am not able to look after the dog for a short time?

The dog can board at the Dog Training Centre or District Dog Section while you are away.

What will happen to the puppy once it leaves my care?

The puppy may be placed with a Police Dog Handler and enter our training programme. Alternatively it may enter the breeding programme or be placed with another service agency in New Zealand or overseas.