Annual Report 2003

Annual Report 2003

Date Published: 
October 2003

The 2003 Annual Report began with two tragedies. The first was on 5 July 2002 with the death of Detective Constable Duncan Taylor and the serious Wounding of Detective Jeanette Park in Fielding. This was followed a couple of months later with the Bali bombing. This bombing highlighted the need for New Zealand to be vigilant about national security and terrorism.

Numerous operational events were also of focus this year. The Louis Vuitton and America’s Cup played a large part in operational duties as well as the use of forensic science in the solving of crime. Most notably, a 15 year investigation into the abduction, sexual assault and murder of a six-year-old.

National results continued to improve in various areas and organisational progress has also been positive as well. A Statement of Intent was published, the Maori, Pacific and Ethnic Services (MPES) group was formed, and several information and technology projects have been completed to help benefit and enhance frontline capability.

The Annual Report 2003 also includes the achievements of key priority areas, the Police statement of objectives and service performance, policing statistics, as well as financial and organizational information.