Annual Report 2004

Annual Report 2004

Date Published: 
October 2004

The 2004 Annual Report places significance on the continuing downward trend of crime rates for the past decade and an increase in overall crime resolution rates, the best statistic in recent history. However, key crime issues, such as family violence and misuse of alcohol and other drugs, are still of concern for Police.

Four new Family Safety Teams are in the planning phase, a joint initiative with Child, Youth and Family and the Ministry of Justice. These four teams will be focused on preventing and reducing family violence. Proactive and reactive strategies are being put in place to address alcohol-related crime and crashes, will more resources are being placed into the intelligence, investigation and analysis of clandestine drug-making laboratories.

New legislation and organizational developments continued to enhance operational capability, with additional powers to help combat crime. National security and regional policing continue to be of high importance for Police this year, with exercises taking place to practice the skills needed if a terrorist crisis happens in New Zealand.

The Annual Report 2004 also includes key outcome reports, key interventions in reducing inequalities, policing capabilities, the Police statement of objectives and service performance, policing statistics, as well as financial and organizational information.