Annual Report 2005

Annual Report 2005

Date Published: 
October 2005

The 2005 Annual Report places significance on three key areas. Police experienced the deaths of a further two colleagues this year, Senior Constable Phillip (Piripi) Wipatene and Detective Travis Hughes, operational activities played a significant role in the progress of Police capability, and Police contended with our reputation being under scrutiny.

Crime statistics fell again this year, continuing the downward trend of previous years. While homicides continue to challenge our criminal investigators, homicide statistics fell by 20 percent, from 100 in 2003/04 to 80 in 2004/05.

Organisational developments continue to build on frontline work. A trial of a new Stab Resistant Body Armour (SRBA) was undertaken with the view of equipping staff in the next year. A new replacement for the Remington rifles was announced in a move to replace the 12 year old firearms for the more reliable and capable Bushmaster XM15 M4A3. Four new stations were also opened, along with the completion of the Auckland Firing Range.

The Annual Report 2005 also includes key outcome reports, key interventions in reducing inequalities, policing capabilities, the Police statement of objectives and service performance, policing statistics, as well as financial and organizational information.

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