Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007

Date Published: 
October 2007

The 2006/07 financial year constituted the first year of our Strategic Plan to 2010. We have made progress towards our goals of community reassurance, policing with confidence and organisational development. This year, important focus has been placed on the changing nature of the global policing environment and the focus on community expectations at home.

Large operational activities have also added significantly to Police. Some of these include the rollout of the Stab Resistant Body Armour (SRBA) which aims to improve safety on the frontline, new electronic finger and palm scanning devices in larger stations, and new alcohol breath testing devices have been approved.

This financial year saw the work on new legislation begin which is expected to be passed in 2007/08. This legislation is to move from the 1958 Police Act to a truly modern and comprehensive policing statute that lays the platform for successful policing into the future.

The Annual Report 2007 also includes key outcome reports, key interventions in reducing inequalities, information on the organizational development, the Police statement of service performance, policing statistics, as well as financial and organizational information.

ISSN: 1177-1526 (Print)
ISSN: 1178-1815 (Online)