Annual Report 2006

Annual Report 2006

Date Published: 
October 2006

The 2005/06 financial year was a highly productive one for New Zealand Police and focused our efforts on reducing crime and crashes as well as improving community safety. Work commenced in early 2006 on setting our strategic direction for the next few years and a new Strategic Plan will be released in September/October 2006.

The continued improvement in road policing performance has contributed to substantially reduced road fatalities and injuries from crashes throughout the country. For the financial year ended 30 June 2006, the road toll was 362 compared with 451 last year.

The Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct begun this financial year, with a final report expected to be released in September 2006. Staffing levels were also of significance this year with a five year high of 626 new sworn staff graduating from the Royal New Zealand Police College adding to the increasing workforce of sworn and non-sworn staff.

The Annual Report 2006 also includes key outcome reports, key interventions in reducing inequalities and managing risks, the Police statement of service performance, policing statistics, as well as financial and organizational information.

ISSN: 1176-2497