Hate-motivated Crimes Official Information Act Responses

Hate-motivated Crimes Official Information Act Responses

Police is releasing its responses to some recent Official Information Act requests where it is considered they contain data and information that has wider public interest.

For more information, visit the Police Hate Crime web page.

NZ Police record all reported hate-motivated crimes and incidents based on a person’s perception. This means if anyone, including the call taker, police officer, victim or witness believe that a crime was motivated by bias or prejudice, it will be flagged in the Police system as ‘perceived hate’. It does not mean that hate has been proven to be a motivating factor.

Any further investigation carried out or subsequent Court proceedings (with consideration of s9(1)(h) of the Sentencing Act 2002) may determine whether hate is confirmed as the motivation for the offence.

If investigated and ‘hate’ is determined not a motivating factor, then the flag may be removed.

Note: The data shown in the respective responses was accurate at the time it was compiled. Given the dynamic nature of Police systems (and the possibility of a future investigation) outcomes, records and data may have changed (or could change in the future) since the data was originally released.