Police Prosecution Service roles


Our prosecutors are a mix of constabulary staff (sworn police officers) and police employees (lawyers with a current practising certificate) from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and experience. On any given day, you may find one of our prosecutors:

  • analysing files or preparing court submissions,
  • conducting bail or sentencing hearings,
  • liaising with defence council about case outcomes,
  • providing charging advice,
  • ensuring the victim’s voice is provided to the court,
  • meeting with defendants about diversion/alternative resolutions, or
  • advocating at a judge-alone trial.

Prosecution Support Officers (PSO)

Our PSOs provide critical administrative support to ensure prosecution cases and files are up-to-date, complete, and in the right place at the right time. Our PSOs often answer queries about case progress, and facilitate the flow of information between PPS and internal or external parties, such as Police investigators, File Management Centres, Criminal Justice Support Units, Court Victim Advisors, Court Registrars and defence counsel. The PSO team perform a key function in PPS.

PSOs also take responsibility for a lot of PPS’s reporting requirements.

District Prosecution Managers (DPM)

DPMs lead, manage, and administer PPS human and financial resources to deliver efficient prosecution and post-charge resolution services. Our DPMs possess strong relationship management skills and often act, at a district level, as a bridge between Police and the rest of the criminal justice sector.

Summer internship programme

Each year, PPS offer a summer internship programme to provide an opportunity for law students to gain an understanding of the Police prosecutorial and post-charge resolution environment and to enhance their legal studies through work experience. The summer internship programme runs during the summer trimester with a stand-down period between Christmas and New Year and is available to year 3 and 4+ law students.

A number of interns have gone on to become Police prosecutors following an internship with us.