Police teams and units

Information about some of the many teams and units that make up Police.

New Zealand Police Dive Squad

The Police National Dive Squad is based in Wellington, but responds to requests for assistance from all over New Zealand. … More

Air support ‘Eagle’ unit

The Air Support Unit (known as "Eagle") Is the only dedicated unit of its type in the country. While it usually operates throughout the metropolitan Auckland area it may also be deployed nationally. … More

Police Dog Section

Police has 21 dog sections, from Whangarei to Invercargill, made up of over 120 dog teams. … More

Armed Offenders Squads

Armed Offenders Squads respond to incidents involving firearms or suspected firearms. Each squad has a Police Negotiating Team attached to it. … More

Safe Roads - road policing

Road policing is a high profile and vital component of New Zealand Police, making up approximately 23 percent of the service. … More

Maritime Units

Auckland and Wellington each have a Police Maritime Unit with a large operational area. They carry out a wide range of activities, supported by specially equipped vessels and inflatable boats. … More

Puawaitahi – child protection multi-agency centre

Puawaitahi, Auckland, is a multi-agency centre for the investigation of child abuse and neglect. It helps victims and their families access treatment services. … More


Several forensic services help police collect, analyse and document evidence to put before the courts, including examination of fingerprints, documents, firearms and photographic evidence. … More

Financial Crime Group (FCG)

The Financial Crime Group is made up of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and four Asset Recovery Units (ARUs). … More


New Zealand Police supports Interpol in cases with international implications including extradition, missing persons, child abduction across borders and border alerts for Family Court Orders. … More

Diplomatic Protection Service

The Diplomatic Protection Service (DPS) provides personal protection for national dignitaries and visiting guests of government.… More

Search and Rescue

Find out about Category One and Category Two searches and how Police and other agencies manage these search and rescue events. … More

New Zealand Police Pipe Band

Based at the Royal New Zealand Police College, the band has forty members comprised of both police officers and civilian staff from around New Zealand. … More

The Royal New Zealand Police College

The Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC) is where officers start their careers and return to refresh their skills and develop themselves through advanced and specialist training.… More

Police Prosecution Service (PPS)

The Police Prosecution Service plays a key role in New Zealand's criminal justice system. It prosecutes about 130,000-140,000 cases and between 6,000 and 8,000 diversions each year. … More

Communications Centres

The Communications Centres (Comms) receive 111 and non-emergency calls and dispatch police to jobs. … More

Police Negotiation Teams

Each PNT is a specialist team which provides skilled, trained and experienced negotiators to help resolve incidents without loss of life, injury, or damage to property.More


Based in The Hague in the Netherlands, Europol is an international policing organisation supporting European Union (EU) and non-EU countries to prevent and combat all forms of serious of serious inter… More