Financial Crime Prevention Network

The Financial Crime Prevention Network (FCPN) is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) created to share information. The purpose of this information sharing is to: prevent financial crime; protect our economy and our people; and above all else, prevent organised crime from flourishing in New Zealand and combat terrorist financing.

It is accepted internationally that to truly be effective in combatting money laundering there needs to be effective PPP’s, especially between the financial sector and law enforcement.  This approach has seen the successful implementation of the Joint Money Laundering Taskforce (JMLIT) in the UK, and the Fintel Alliance in Australia, along with several other countries.

Money is a key motivator for organised crime and New Zealand is not immune from the impact of increasingly sophisticated money laundering networks and trans-national organised crime occurring across the globe.

These threats and criminal activity are a real risk to New Zealand’s international reputation and the financial system.

The FCPN serves to enhance the response to these threats. The New Zealand Financial Intelligence Unit (NZ FIU) leads the FCPN, whose members comprise of the New Zealand Police, New Zealand Customs, ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank and Westpac. 

Operationally this critical partnership between the public and private sector will dissolve previous barriers, foster vital information sharing, and ultimately facilitate informed decision-making and swift action to protect New Zealand.

The FCPN Operations Board meets every month to discuss current financial crime trends. This forum is used to share operational priorities in order to develop intelligence that draws upon the knowledge base of all its members. In addition, joint strategic products are developed to inform guidance for both FCPN members and the broader Reporting Entities (RE’s).

The FCPN directly contributes to the New Zealand Police vision of being the safest country and to the FIU being world leading. The foundation members of the FCPN share a strategic vision and direction. We are committed to building and growing an effective network of dedicated intelligence resources to combat financial crime and money laundering.

FCPN Threat Assessments

FCPN Threat Assessment: Transnational Organised Crime