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'Articles' as defined for secondhand dealers

The Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2004 applies to the specific 'articles' listed below. Other goods are not part of the Act. Secondhand dealers must treat these articles in ways specified by the Act. For example, articles must be kept for 14 days before resale or disposal.

  • bicycles and bicycle spare parts and accessories
  • boats, boat engines and boat accessories
  • cameras and photography equipment
  • coins, medals, medallions and military decorations (but not including coins used as legal tender in New Zealand)
  • compact discs (laser read)
  • computer hardware, software and other computer-related items
  • copper in any form
  • farm bikes and quad bikes
  • fishing equipment and diving equipment (including wetsuits)
  • electrical or electronic consumer goods (including whiteware)
  • games machines and associated games equipment
  • items made substantially of gold, silver, platinum, brass, bronze or any combination of these metals
  • jackets and coats
  • jewellery
  • leather clothing (but not including footwear)
  • motor mowers
  • motor vehicle (including motorcycle) accessories and parts
  • musical instruments other than pianos, and all accessories of musical instruments
  • optical instruments such as binoculars, microscopes and telescopes
  • ornamental china and crystal
  • portable power tools
  • sporting equipment
  • sunglasses
  • tool sets
  • watches and clocks.