Australian Criminal History Checking Service

New Zealand agencies who are approved for Police vetting may request an Australian National Police History Check for any of their staff or volunteers who have lived in Australia.

It is at the agencies discretion to request an Australian check. The New Zealand Police Vetting Service cannot provide guidance.

If you wish to submit an Australian check the applicant must complete all five pages of the Request and Consent Form including Section four.

To submit an Australian check, login to the vetting website and select ‘Submit Request’. After you enter the applicant’s details there is a check-box to submit an Australian check.

Please be aware that submission of an Australian check will incur a fee – this is explained in the Approved Agency Agreement.

Australian checks are completed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission who aim to process 95% of checks within 10 working days.

The following documents outline the Terms of Service for the National Police Checking Service: