Safe speed camera locations

How are safe speed camera sites selected?

Cameras are placed where there’s problems with excessive speed, and/or research that shows a history of crashes causing death and/or serious injury.

Police in conjunction with NZTA’s Safety Team and an independent transportation sector expert, Abley Transportation Consultants, have developed the Static Camera Site Selection Methodology to identify locations on the road network that have a proven history of crashes or potential for crashes resulting in death or serious injury.

For more information check out the Static camera expansion programme site selection process.

Static (fixed) safe speed camera locations

48 new static (fixed) safe speed cameras have been installed under the Static Camera Expansion Programme.

Locations and GPS coordinates (PDF, 53KB)

Red light camera locations

The New Zealand Transport Agency asked independent transportation consultants to develop a methodology to identify intersections where red-light cameras would likely enhance road safety. From the 75 sites prioritised on the basis of potential crash-reduction savings, three were selected for these cameras.

Red light camera locations (PDF, 109KB)

Mobile safe speed cameras

Police mobile safe speed cameras are deployed to risk, anywhere at any time.


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