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Living in a safe community

This theme aims to assist children and young people connect with caring people and caring organisations that contribute to a safe and connected community. Students have a role to play in contributing to the creation of safer communities.


Role of the Police

This resource provides photographs that describe the range of specialist roles that Police Officers fulfil in their duty to prevent crime and crashes, improve public safety, detect and bring offenders to account, and maintain law and order.


School-wide interventions

To more deeply address issues regarding living in a safe community, schools could implement a school-wide intervention in partnership with Police.

Here are some narratives (or case-studies) of completed interventions regarding living in a safe community.


Links to other helping agencies

The New Zealand Police is one of many community agencies that assist children and young people to live and learn safe from crime and crashes.

Here is a list of links to other community agencies that provide support in this area.