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Burglary Free: Information for school and community

Prior to running Burglary Free learning activities, schools are encouraged to explore strategies that can be followed to create burglary-free zones around schools and their communities.

Background to Burglary Free

This page:

  • discusses the objectives
  • gives the legal definition of burglary
  • discusses the partnership approach
  • explains the role of Police in this programme.

Strategies for the school

This page covers:

  • school security
  • visitors to the school
  • an environment safety check
  • communicating with your school community
  • keeping school property safe
  • keeping students occupied
  • supporting victims.

Strategies for the community

This page contains:

  • burglary prevention tips for the community
  • suggestions for a parent/community meeting.

Information for teachers

This page covers:

  • links with The New Zealand Curriculum
  • values
  • key competencies
  • how to establish a supportive learning environment
  • a checklist for teachers.

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

CPTED is a method to analyse and modify the physical environment of a school to reduce opportunities for crime. For information about this method in a school context read ­police-school partnerships.