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Safer Schools (for Years 7–8)

Safer Schools aims for students to identify and take actions to make the school environment safer concerning property crime, road safety, bullying or any other safety issues that affects them.

What students will learn

These year 7–8 resources will help students to learn to:

  • define the four physical principles of Safer Schools
  • identify examples of the physical principles in their school environment
  • complete and write up a safety audit of the school
  • present findings as recommendations to a relevant audience.

Four focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in four focus areas.

Focus area 1: What makes us safe?

Students are introduced to the four physical principles of Safer Schools. They differentiate between safe areas, and areas that require attention to reduce the risk to the particular environment, as well as those who use that environment.

Focus area 2: How safe are we?

Students audit the school environment by applying the four physical principles of Safer Schools.  They grade aspects of the school environment as safe, marginal or unsafe.

Focus area 3: So what did we find?

Students justify why they have rated areas unsafe, safe or needing improvement.  They grade unsafe areas to determine areas of priority that need urgent attention.  Students then write these findings as an audit that will be shared with school management/board. 

Focus area 4: Sharing our understanding

Students transfer their knowledge of safety concerns discovered in the audit by delivering a presentation to relevant concerned parties, such as senior school management, BoT, parents, local police and councillors, and local businesses. 

Combined focus areas

The above four separate focus areas can also be downloaded as one combined document.


Associated documents

The following links are provided for convenience only, as all these files can be accessed via the online links within the above focus area documents: