Prepare your crowded place

Please note that when completed these documents will likely contain sensitive information that could reveal security arrangements and any security vulnerabilities at your location. Therefore, it is suggested that you:

  • password protect the document.
  • save the document on a secure network.
  • restrict its circulation.
  • treat as per your company/organisation standards for sensitive information.


If you are an organisation planning to refer to these documents, please link to these pages via the short reference rather than loading documents to your own site. That way you ensure you are always referencing the latest version.


Self-Assessment Tool

Use this tool for an initial assessment of how attractive your location may be to an attacker. The eight questions in this tool focus on factors that attackers are likely to consider when looking for a target.

If your Crowded Place is a School or Early Learning Centre, please refer to the Ministry of Education for further guidance.

Assessing Your Protective Security Tool

Use this tool to aid your thinking about how to best protect your event from attack, and to support you to make improvements.

The ten areas of focus in this tool will help you to consider factors that attackers take into account when they are looking for a target.

Detecting Hostile Reconnaissance

Hostile reconnaissance is the purposeful observation of people, places, vehicles and locations to collect information that informs the planning of an attack against a specific target.

This guide provides an overview of the potential indicators and protective security measures that could be considered when developing or reviewing security plans and measures to mitigate the tactic of conducting hostile reconnaissance and rehearsals.

Recognising Threats

Increasing our ability to recognise and respond to threats relies on all of us becoming more aware of our surroundings and the behaviour of persons who try to create harm. This guide contains information on how to improve your ability to recognise attack indicators and plan to respond accordingly.

Security Audit

This audit is very comprehensive and is designed to be used only after you’ve completed the self-assessment and vulnerability assessment tools.

Use this audit to:

  • check which security matters are relevant to the type, size and risk profile of your crowded place, and its attractiveness to would-be attackers.
  • identify any security gaps that you need to resolve at your crowded place.
  • record the actions you plan to take to resolve security gaps.

Crowded Places Facilitator Guide and Presentation

The facilitator guide is designed to be used to explain the Crowded Places Strategy and the self-assessment and assessing protective security tools. The guide supports owners and operators and their security, health and safety or appropriate team members present the content to any audience who would benefit from knowing this information including people on boards or in governance roles, managers, team leaders, staff, volunteers, and frequent users of crowded places.