How you can help

You can play an important part in keeping yourself and crowded places safe:

Report suspicious behaviour

In an emergency everyone should call 111

If the information is not time-critical, people can report suspicious or unusual behaviour to their local Police by:

To report information of national security concern, call the NZSIS on 0800 747 224  or use their Public Contribution Form.

Recognise suspicious behaviour

You are able to help New Zealand Police identify potential attackers by reporting information about people who use websites or social media to promote violent extremist views and /or ideology, or people you know who you believe may become violent.  This can be done anonymously through Crimestoppers.

Here are some suspicious behaviours to look out for:

Unattended or someone concealing bags

Unattended bags or packages may contain dangerous contents. If you see an unattended package or bag in a public place, with no apparent reason for it being there:

  1. don’t touch it.
  2. ask people nearby if anyone owns it.
  3. if there’s no obvious owner, tell other people to keep away.
  4. call 111 and report it.

Unusual filming or photography of official buildings or roads, railways, bridges, ports and their security arrangements e.g. CCTV camera locations etc.

One way that terrorists gather information about a crowded place they may attack is by filming and photographing it.

Suspicious use of vehicles near important buildings or in busy public places

People planning an attack can use vehicles in many ways. They can use them for surveillance through to running people down or planting bombs. Watch out for vehicles that are parked for an unusually long time, sometimes in no-parking areas, or vehicles whose registration is out of date or which have false or missing number plates.

Suspicious use of accommodation

The way people use, rent and buy accommodation can be suspicious. In the UK, terrorists turned a rented garage into a bomb factory. A member of the public reported strange comings and goings of men wearing gloves, which led to arrests.

Unusual purchasing of fertiliser, chemicals or explosives

Fertiliser is a widely available product that’s been used in many terrorist bombs. Watch out for people buying fertiliser, chemicals or explosives frequently or in large quantities.

False or multiple identities

Terrorists frequently use stolen or fake identity documents, like passports and driver licences. They can also have several different identities. Watch out for people who give conflicting details about themselves.