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Tag Free (for years 9–10)

Tag Free provides learning activities to reduce graffiti vandalism by encouraging young people to develop pride and respect in themselves and their community.

What students will learn

These year 9–10 resources will help students to learn:

  • about the history of personal expression
  • about the impact and consequences of graffiti vandalism
  • recognise positive peer pressure to have pride in one’s community
  • to take action to improve their community and show pride in their achievements.

Seven focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in seven focus areas.

Focus area 1: The history of expression

Students explore some of the ways in which people have expressed themselves through time and create a legitimate personal expression.

Focus area 2: Graffiti vandalism – what does it mean?

Students define graffiti vandalism and describe the effects of graffiti vandalism on themselves, schools, Police and community.

Focus area 3: Consequences of graffiti vandalism

Students explain that graffiti vandalism has consequences for all and match a graffiti-related offence with its penalty.

Focus area 4: Is it art?

Students define urban art and list the differences between urban art and graffiti vandalism.

Focus area 5: Making a difference

Students distinguish between negative and positive peer pressure and explain the importance of positive peer pressure.

Focus area 6: Pride in your community

Students take responsibility for improving their community and express pride in themselves and their community.

Focus area 7: Being creative

Students express themselves creatively and display their achievements.