State of National Emergency important notice

State of National Emergency


Police service update

Recent arrivals to New Zealand will receive a text message from Police to check they are complying will all self-isolation requirements.

Police is assisting the Medical Officer of Health to ensure all those who have arrived since 1am on Monday 16 March are self-isolating as instructed.

The text message will come from 4511.

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How do I update my address in Police records?

How do I update my address in Police records?

If you have changed your address or other contact details since your firearms licence was issued, you are required by law to let us know. Change address on firearms licence.

To update your address for infringement notices (tickets), car registration notifications or your driver licence, use the NZ Transport Agency Transaction Centre.

If you are on the Victim Notification Register, update your details with the Department of Corrections.

If you need to update your address for any other reason, please visit your local police station.