State of National Emergency important notice

State of National Emergency


Police service update

Recent arrivals to New Zealand will receive a text message from Police to check they are complying will all self-isolation requirements.

Police is assisting the Medical Officer of Health to ensure all those who have arrived since 1am on Monday 16 March are self-isolating as instructed.

The text message will come from 4511.

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Someone I have vetted believes the information about them is incorrect. What can be done?

Someone I have vetted believes the information about them is incorrect. What can be done?

Police vetting is completed based upon the information provided as follows:

  • The applicants completed and signed 'Consent to Disclosure of Information' form
  • That the agency has verified actual identity i.e. drivers licence
  • That the agency has correctly submitted the vetting information
  • That the vettor has processed the vetting request correctly
  • That the Police Vetting Service has sufficient QA checks to confirm agreed workmanship standards have been met.

Police recommend that the organisation discusses information released as part of the vetting result with the person vetted before making an employment decision in order to consider the individual's view or explanation.

Potential employees are also to be given the opportunity to view any personal information provided by Police and to correct this if necessary (under the Privacy Act 1993).

A correction may be sought by e-mail to or in writing to:

The Manager
Police Vetting Service
Police National Headquarters
PO Box 3017

The Police Vetting Service will in the first instance confirm that the information released was processed correctly.

If the vetting result is accurate, the voluntary fingerprint process can be used to establish identity. A letter will be sent to the applicant outlining this process.