How do I request information about myself?

How do I request information about myself?

You may ask Police for personal information you think Police holds about yourself. This type of information request is covered by the Privacy Act, not the Official Information Act.

You may complete and submit your request (including uploaded attachments) online. Visit the "Request information about yourself "section to learn more.

Alternatively, you may download the Request for personal information form, or write a letter or email (noting the evidence of identity and other requirements in the form) and deliver your completed request by hand or post or email to your nearest Police station or District Headquarters or Police National Headquarters.

You can expect a reply within 20 working days of receipt of your request, unless an extension of that timeframe is notified.

Some guidance on making a Privacy Act request is included on the Police form.

If you require a copy of your criminal record (sometimes called a criminal conviction history or Police clearance certificate), please visit the Ministry of Justice website on criminal records.