What can I do to protect myself and others at my crowded place?

What can I do to protect myself and others at my crowded place?

If you own or operate a crowded place read the Protecting Our Crowded Places from Attack: New Zealand’s Strategy, and supporting documentation on the Prepare your crowded place page on this website.

Ensure that the message: ESCAPE. HIDE. TELL. is shared and understood by all staff members (permanent, casual, security, special event, volunteers and services). For more detail check out the know what to do page.

Make sure you and your staff are familiar with the emergency and evacuation plans for your workplace.

Consider having your staff attend first aid courses.

Review your security measures, emergency and evacuation plans. Rehearse them, update if necessary, and make sure every member of your staff knows what to do.

If you have security CCTV cameras, make sure they are working properly, check that the time and date are correct, and retain the recordings as they may be of use to Police in the future.

Over time, additional information will be added to this website. We recommend you refer to it regularly to ensure you are kept up to date with any other supporting information that may be of use/value to you.