Friday, 6 July 2018 - 4:56pm -
Mike Bush, Police Commisioner

Great work towards keeping communities safe

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Ten years of methamphetamine production uncovered, our recrutiment campaign wins prestigious awards and Te Pae Oranga continues to expand.

Operation Dynamo – uncovering ten years of methamphetamine production

Congratulations to the National Clandestine Laboratory Response Team and their investigation into the illicit possession and supply of the precursor material, hypophosphorous acid.

Hypophosphorous acid has no known household use and is an extremely dangerous product.

It is believed the alleged offending dates back 10 years. The potential harm is immense and the street value of the methamphetamine which could be produced runs into millions of dollars.

This is a complex case covering a long time period and investigation is still ongoing. To date a total of $1.725million of assets including property, land, vehicles and a boat have also been restrained.

A 50-year-old man has been arrested in Hamilton and charged with four counts of supplying material for the manufacture of methamphetamine and four charges of possession of material with intent.

This is a great job by all of our staff involved to track the source of these materials.  I would also like to thank the New Zealand Customs Service for their support.

Recruitment video sweeps international awards

I was pleased to hear that following the launch of our viral World’s Most Entertaining Recruitment video last year, it has won a pair of prominent international awards – at Cannes!

The video won a silver award for use of social media and a bronze for PR activation in the Cannes Lions awards. What’s most impressive is that there were up to 3,000 other entries in each category from all around the world.

The work we do to increase our diversity and on our recruitment campaigns is so important to attracting the right people to Police. Our goal is to reflect the communities we serve so we’re increasing diversity as part of recruitment efforts to hire an extra 1,800 new police. It’s awesome to see our recruitment campaign is attracting so much attention.

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Te Pae Oranga Hawke’s Bay launch

Last week we launched the Hawke’s Bay Te Pae Oranga Iwi/Community Panel. This is the second panel for Eastern District and the 10th panel nationwide.

These panels are proving to be extremely effective in our communities and a great way to engage victims, offenders and the community as a whole to help address low level and recidivist offending.

The holistic approach the panels offer ensures victims are heard and catered for and the causes of the offending are addressed.

You can expect to see more of these launched right across New Zealand in the coming months.

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