Thursday, 18 December 2003 - 5:39pm |
National News

Police reinforce pursuits guidelines to staff

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The Commissioner of Police has today reinforced the official guidelines to staff on the conduct and management of pursuits.

The guidelines state;

  • Safety is the overriding concern
    The safety of the public and staff is to take precedence over apprehending a suspected offender;

  • The initiation and continuation of pursuits must be justifiable
    Officers are to determine whether a pursuit can be justified and, together with the shift supervisor in the Communications Centre, re-evaluate the safety risk throughout the pursuit;

  • Communications Centre Shift Supervisors have authority to order that a pursuit be abandoned
    While drivers of pursuing vehicles have ultimate responsibility for the control of their vehicle, Communications Centres are responsible for co-ordinating the overall management of the incident. Communications Centre supervisor directions, as lawful orders, must be complied with;

  • Further procedures are to be followed when abandoning pursuit
    When abandoning pursuit, whether according to the decision of the driver or at the direction of a Communications Centre supervisor, an officer must:

    • Acknowledge the direction to abandon or notify the Communications Centre that they are abandoning pursuit;
    • Immediately deactivate their lights and siren;
    • Immediately reduce their speed to under the posted speed limit;
    • Stop their vehicle on the roadside as soon as it is safe to do so;
    • Report they have stopped and give their location to the Communications Centre.

  • Abandonment applies to all police vehicles involved in the pursuit
    When a pursuit is abandoned, either at the decision of a pursuing driver or the direction of a Communications Centre, all police vehicles involved in the pursuit are to follow the abandonment procedure.