Friday, 19 March 2004 - 3:00pm |

MEDIA ADVISORY: Exercise Lawman 2004 Opportunities for Pictures in Christchurch

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Exercise Lawman 2004, a counter terrorism exercise involving several agencies, begins in Christchurch on Monday 22 March.

This is to advise that there will be an opportunity early on in the scenario for news organisations to get pictures of a major mock incident so you can report that the exercise is happening.

To give emergency services practice in responding real time, the exercise scenario is confidential and therefore we can’t tell you precisely when this will be.

However news organisations who would like to attend are invited to register their interest. We will then contact you at least an hour-and-a-half hour in advance of the incident with details of what’s happening and where to go.

It will be at a time convenient for most media deadlines.

Journalists and camera people attending the incident are requested to wear identification.

As cordons will be notional, please help us by reporting to the designated assembly point and don’t try and gain entry to areas that in a real situation would be blocked off by police officers.

We will have Police spokespeople available for interview.

To register interest, please phone Debbie Corney, Police Public Affairs, on (04) 470 7134 (Friday only) or otherwise 027 4355 005.