Saturday, 29 May 2004 - 10:01pm |

Child abducted in Johnsonville street

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Wellington Police are appealing for information that may help them find a nine-year-old Johnsonville girl who was abducted from the driveway of her home mid this afternoon.

Detective Sergeant Glenn Williams, Wellington CIB, says Greta Schneider, was grabbed from her grandmother’s car as the pair pulled up at their Sheridan Terrace, Johnsonville, home about 3.30pm today.

"Greta was in the lawful custody of her grandmother," Detective Sergeant Williams says. "They were arriving home after a few hours away from the house when they were surprised in the driveway by a woman and a man. Both these people are known to Greta and her grandmother."

Detective Sergeant Williams says the two people dragged the screaming Greta from the front passenger seat of the car. Her grandmother tried to hold her back but to no avail.

The two abductors were last seen running down Sheridan Terrace, dragging Greta with them. They disappeared along a walkway into Macaulay Street and haven’t been seen since.

Greta’s grandmother rang inside and telephoned police on 111.

Greta, a Caucasian, has sandy brown hair tied in two pigtails. When last seen she was wearing a bright pink Ladybird sweatshirt with the word ‘basics’ in black across the back of the sweatshirt. She wore navy blue polar fleece pants, coffee coloured socks with cats on them and no footwear.

Police have searched all likely places where Greta and her abductors are likely to be but so far they have found no sign of them.

Police are looking for a female caucasian in her 30s, 5’ft 9in tall, solidly built, with dark brown hair slightly wavy shoulder length hair sometimes worn in a ponytail. The woman was last seen today wearing a navy blue fleece jacket with the words ‘Hilary’ across the left breast, and dark track pants.

The man is a caucasian in his late 40s, has dark shoulder length hair and a goatee. When last seen he was wearing a green jacket (brighter than army green) and jeans.

"We’re appealing for anyone who may have seen this incident take place, or who has information that will help us find Greta," says Detective Sergeant Williams.

"Our interest from the outset is finding this wee girl safe and well. Her grandmother and extended family are very distressed. Any calls with information that will help us find Greta would be very appreciated."

The number to call is Wellington Police on tel 04 381 2000 and ask for the Duty CIB squad.