Sunday, 9 January 2005 - 3:00pm |

Operation Somme: post-mortem result

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Tania Rebecka McKENZIE’s post-mortem was conducted in Wellington on Saturday, 8 January 2005.

The examination has concluded that Tania‘s death has been caused by massive head injuries.

The enquiry team will not be revealing any further information in relation to these injuries or how they were caused at this stage.

Her body has been released to her family.

The funeral details are unknown.

The Enquiry Team is still appealing for any sightings of Tania after 1 a.m. on Friday, 7 January 2005.

There has been a good response from the public thus far.

I wish to thank the media for their part in this enquiry.


Detective Senior Sergeant

O/C Operation Somme