Thursday, 13 January 2005 - 2:01pm |
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Police appeal to father for return of baby

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Rodney Police are appealing to a father who is in hiding with his five month old child to give the baby up immediately.

Caitlin Jelicich was in the care of her father Stephen Jelicich last weekend. She was due to fly to Wales with her mother on Monday January 10th and an agreement was made that Caitlin would be returned to her mother on Sunday morning with the transfer at the Henderson Police station. (Mr Jelicich is aged 39 with date of birth 26/1/65)

The family had lived in Kumeu. Caitlin's mother was returning to live in Wales and left on the flight (as she had tickets and another child with her) without her baby daughter and is now trying to return to New Zealand.

Rodney Area Commander, Inspector Janet Hope says, "We are appealing to Mr Jelicich to respect and comply with a court order that gives custody of Caitlin to her mother. He should contact the nearest Police station immediately."

Anyone who knows where Caitlin is should provide that information to Police, failing to tell the Police could be a criminal offence.

Inspector Hope says, "Under the Guardianship Act, the court has issued a Warrant to Enforce Custody with the safety of the child being the paramount concern, so anyone who knows where the child is should come forward with the details," says Inspector Hope.

Inspector Hope says, "There is clearly a disagreement between the parents of Caitlin regarding her custody and that is not a matter for Police. The role for Police here is simply to ensure the safety of Caitlin and enforce a decision that was made by the Courts.

Interpol have been advised and Rodney Police are also working with other international agencies.

Anyone with information as where Caitlin could be should contact the Orewa Police on 09 426 4555 or their nearest Police station.

All media inquiries are to be directed to
Jayson Rhodes
Communications Manager
North Shore/Waitakere/Rodney Police
488 9758 / 027 281 0271