Saturday, 11 June 2005 - 2:00pm |
National News

Clarification of DomPost story on Police email

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Deputy Commissioner Lyn Provost wishes to clarify some aspects of today’s DomPost story on the Police email inquiry.

"It is a misinterpretation to say that up to 40 police staff face charges.

"The situation is that decisions have yet to be made on the between 30 and 40 staff found with potentially objectionable images.

"These 30 to 40 staff are not currently eligible for the Alternative Resolution Process (ARP) and the DomPost story is confusing in that regard.

"We’re pleased that the vast majority of the other 300 affected staff have opted for ARP and we have only a dozen or so of these cases left to work through."

Mrs Provost said she also wished to make it clear that only a very small number of private individuals are likely to have been involved in supplying objectionable grade images to police staff.

"While it is correct that over 2000 images came to Police from outside sources, the majority of those were of a type that were not of a potentially objectionable nature.

"Of the 2000 images, a great number came from relatively few sources," she said.

The Alternative Resolution Process involves individuals admitting they have breached Police policy and guidelines on the use of email and attending a one-day workshop on these issues.