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Bain family murders - June 1994, Dunedin CIB - Press Release

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The Dunedin Police welcomes the opportunity to prepare a retrial for David Bain, says the Officer in Charge of the Investigation, Detective Inspector Ross Pinkham.

As a result of the decision by the Solicitor General to order the retrial of David Cullen Bain for the murders, in June 1994, of 5 members of his family, Dunedin Police are preparing the evidence to put the matter back before the Dunedin High Court.

Since David Bain's first conviction in May 1995 a number of judicial hearings have been held culminating in the decision in May 2007 by the Lords of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council to allow Bain's appeal, quash the 5 convictions and ordering a retrial.

Mr Pinkham says that Dunedin CIB staff have been in contact with over 90 previous witnesses, commenced analysing their evidence, and assessing the issues raised at the previous Judicial hearings in readiness for the retrial. All but 3 of the witnesses are available to give oral evidence. Exhibits used in the 1995 trial are available for the retrial.

The decision by the Solicitor General to order a retrial will require considerable preparation and liaison between the Police and the Crown before the evidence can be presented to the High Court.

Already a number of persons have been ringing the Dunedin Police about the investigation. For ease of contact a 0800 number has been obtained

0800 224647. An email address direct to the Investigative Team is

Ross H Pinkham QPM

Detective Inspector

District Crime Services Manager

Southern District Headquarters, 25 Great King Street, Dunedin. Private Bag 1924.

Phone 03 - 4714994 (DDI). Fax 03 - 4799367 E-mail

Bain HQ - 0800 224647,