Tuesday, 2 December 2008 - 3:45pm |
National News

Weather still halting search on Mt Cook

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Searchers for two missing Japanese climbers have to 'sit tight' at Mt Cook village as the weather continues to deteriorate. Constable Stu Mori says it is very unpleasant with high winds and low cloud. There has also been heavy rain.

"We are hoping there may be an improvement tomorrow morning," he says. "We have still not been able to contact the people seen earlier today and actually confirm it is the missing Japanese climbers though we can assume they are."

Just before 8am this morning a helicopter was able to get in to the area where the two missing climbers were last observed and a red tent was seen at a crevasse at Middle Peak. One climber had waved out to the helicopter but there was no sign of the second person.

It was considered not safe enough to put rescue members on the mountain and later attempts to get the team and packs to the site were cancelled due to increasing winds.

The two climbers are camped at 3700m and have been there for four and half days to date. It is not possible to get a team to their site, or to get radios and gear to them.

Further inquiries to Inspector Dave Gaskin, Timaru Police phone 03 6884199.