Friday, 5 June 2009 - 5:37pm |
National News

Police Accept Trial Outcome

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Police accept the jury's verdict not to convict David Bain on five charges of murder.

"Our role is to put the best evidence available before the court to enable it to reach its decision. We believe we did that," said Detective Superintendent Malcolm Burgess.

"We are disappointed with the outcome but accept the jury's decision," he said.

However, Police stand by the investigation they undertook in 1994.

"The investigation was thorough and impartial. The material presented as evidence over the past few months is essentially the same material presented in the first trial."

"As with all investigations, there are things we could do differently and things that we learn. However we need to remember these events happened in 1994. Procedures are different now - there is better forensic testing and improved investigation procedures for dealing with investigations."

Mr Burgess said it was not the police's intention to re-litigate the evidence in the public arena. "For police this decision puts an end to the matter."


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