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Investigation into allegations involving "Roastbusters"

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 Waitemata Police investigating rape allegations involving a group calling themselves the "RoastBusters" say a full and thorough investigation has been conducted, but in the absence of significant evidence such as formal statements, there is not enough evidence to prosecute the alleged offenders at this time.

These enquiries have been ongoing for some two years and involve a group of boys allegedly involved in sexual activity with young teenage girls whilst grossly intoxicated.

Detectives from the Waitemata Child Protection Team have been working on the case since 2011, when a teenage girl came forward to Police to informally report what had happened to her.

A full and thorough investigation was launched and the offenders and circumstances were identified. All identified and possible victims were contacted by Police and encouraged to give formal statements which would assist the enquiry.

Three teenage boys were formally interviewed by Police as suspects, but unfortunately made no admissions. A fourth boy refused to co-operate.

Detectives also alerted the high school that the boys were attending about their behaviour.

Police have spoken with all identified and possible victims and their friends, on a number of occasions. We appreciate their difficult and traumatic situation however without further evidence such as formal statements Police are unable to prosecute the offenders in this case.  A Facebook site which was used by the suspects, although offensive and innapropriate, did not provide evidence which would allow the case to be put before a court.

Police acknowledge how difficult it is for victims of sex crimes to take the step of making a formal complaint to Police. Nobody should be subjected to this behaviour and it is very frustrating for the enquiry team who have worked tirelessly for months on the case.  

In the past two weeks, Police contacted the girls again to see if any were at the stage where they felt able to make a formal statement to Police, and will continue to investigate this case and to build sufficient evidence to progress this matter.

Anyone who has been in contact with the group identifying themselves as "RoastBusters" or anyone has witnessed their behaviour is asked to contact Police. Information can also be provided anonymously to the Crimestoppers organisation on 0800 555 111,


Issued by Beth Bates/Waitemata Police

0274 752 518