Sunday, 10 March 2019 - 9:05pm |

Op Mike update - disappearance of Mike Zhao-Beckenridge and John Beckenridge

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Attribute to Detective Senior Sergeant Stu Harvey:

After an extensive investigation into the disappearance of Mike Zhao-Beckenridge and John Beckenridge, Police will now be referring the case to the Coroner.

The pair were last sighted in the Catlins in March 2015.

Over the years since the disappearance, and as recently as July 2018 , there have been many reports from members of the public who have seen an elderly Caucasian male in the company of Asian boy, however Police have found no evidence to suggest these sightings have been the Beckenridges.

Now that the case will be referred to the Coroner, Police will not be making further comment.


Issued by Police Media Centre