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UPDATE - Protest activity, Parliament grounds

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Protest update

Police have this morning installed hard concrete barriers at key roads around the perimeter of Parliament, containing protest activity in Wellington’s CBD. 
At around 3:30am staff began installing the barriers at eight locations around Parliament. 
The operation, involving approximately 300 staff and large-scale equipment to install the barriers, will enable Police to prevent further growth in vehicles within the area of the protest, and to maintain access for residents, businesses and emergency vehicles. 
A handful of protesters were arrested while the operation was underway. However, Police were able to install the barriers with minimal disruption.
Several road closures and detours are in place for vehicle traffic in the vicinity of Parliament. We ask that commuters allow extra travel time to allow for any traffic delays. 
Pedestrians will still be able to move in and out of the area. Police officers will be stationed at each road block to facilitate legitimate vehicle access.
Protestors’ vehicles will be allowed to leave the area but will not be able to go back in once they have left. 
We will continue to maintain a highly visible, reassurance presence on site, and staff are engaging with the public and protestors to provide advice and, where necessary, take enforcement action.
Anyone abusing or intimidating members of the public can expect to be arrested, removed and face charges.
Police will continue to work with key protest leaders to resolve any issues.
The locations of the barriers are: 
• Hill Street
• Rear end of Parliament on Ballantrae Place
• Molesworth Street near Pipitea Street
• Murphy Street / Aitken Street
• Kate Sheppard Place 
• Bunny Street near the railway station
• Corner of Whitmore Street and Lambton Quay, at the bottom of Bowen Street
• Lambton Quay / Mulgrave St 
Issued by Police Media Centre

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