Crewe Review

On 30 July 2014, New Zealand Police released its findings of the review into the homicides of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe.

Mr David Jones QC was appointed as independent counsel to oversee the New Zealand Police review into the Crewe homicides.  His report on the review process and findings is also included the documents.

Police comment on the review

Police Commissioner Mike Bush comments on the release of the Crewe Review.

Watch the media conference relating to the release of the review.

Final review report (with appendices)

You can find the links to the full report, and the independent review by Mr David Jones QC, below. A list of appendices are also available.


Appendix 1 Analytical report
Note: this report is not publicly available at this time but can be requested under the Official Information Act
Appendix 2 Chronology of Events
Appendix 3 Selection of Crime Scene and Investigation Photographs
Appendix 4 Medical Reports on the condition of Rochelle Crewe on 22 June 1970
Appendix 5 Composite Exhibit Register
Appendix 6 1970 Crewe Homicide Investigation Conference Notes
Appendix 7 Assessment of Pathology Reports
Appendix 8 Ballistics Reports
Appendix 9 ‘A Multivariate Approach to Discriminating Between Batches of Cartridge Cases Using Design Changes in the Headstamp’
Appendix 10 Forensic Findings of Rory Shanahan
Appendix 11 Extract from 'The Zealand .22 Rimfire' (2000)
Appendix 12 Report of Wire Analysis (2013)
Appendix 13 Report on the CREWE Murders (2013), by Criminal Profiling Unit
Appendix 14 'Investigation into certain aspects of the evidence relating to the conviction for murder of Arthur Allan THOMAS'
Appendix 15 Report of the Royal Commission to Inquire into the Circumstances of the Convictions of Arthur Allan THOMAS for the murders of David Harvey & Jeannette Lenore CREWE, 1980
Appendix 16 Opinion of Solicitor-General Paul NEAZOR QC as to the prosecution of Bruce HUTTON, 1981
Appendix 17 Miscellaneous
Appendix 18 NZ Police Manual for Detectives - Homicide Investigation
Appendix 19 Court of Appeal Judgements