CTV Investigation

On 30 November 2017, New Zealand Police announced the outcome of the criminal investigation into the collapse of the CTV Building.

Police conducted a four year investigation to determine the potential criminal culpability of individuals in connection with the deaths of 115 people following the collapse of the Canterbury Television Building (CTV) during the 22 February 2011 earthquake.

The outcome of the investigation is that there will be no criminal prosecution in relation to the collapse of the building.

Media statement

Read the media statement (PDF, 144KB) announcing the CTV investigation decision.

Media Conference

Watch the media conference relating to the announcement of the outcome of the investigation

Relevant Reports

Police are aware of the high level of public interest in the case, and have taken the step of releasing the relevant expert reports and legal reviews which outline the case and provide the basis for the decision not to prosecute. These documents can be accessed by selecting the links below. Some details have been redacted to protect the identity of certain individuals.

CTV Building Collapse – Engineering Opinion Report by Beca

Peer Review of the Beca Engineering Opinion Report by expert structural engineer, North America

Peer Review of the Beca Engineering Opinion Report by expert structural engineer, New Zealand

CTV Building Criminal Investigation - Report for the Crown Solicitor outlining police investigation and recommendation

Legal Opinion on criminal charges by Crown Solicitor, Christchurch
(includes relevant emails between Police and Crown Solicitor)

Peer Review of Crown Solicitor’s Opinion by Crown Law, Wellington

Other Reference Material

Throughout the relevant reports, reference has been made to the Final Report of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission into the CTV Building, known as Volume 6, which was released to the public in December 2012. A link to that report can be found at Final Report Volume 6 CTV Building. Other useful reference material can be found on the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission website www.canterbury.royalcommission.govt.nz

Briefing to families

Families of the victims in New Zealand and overseas were briefed on the outcome prior to the public announcement. The English and translated versions of the family briefing are provided here.