Quarterly Summary - March 2008

Quarterly Summary - March 2008

This quarter has seen the introduction of the new NZ Police Code of Conduct, with the revised Police Regulations effective 1 February 2008, covering all staff both sworn and non-sworn. The Code of Conduct sets clear standards and behaviours expected of all police employees, with breaches of these standards being dealt with under a new disciplinary system. The Code of Conduct is currently being rolled out within the organisation using the methodology below in paragraph 8, with the process expected to be completed by the end of June 2008.

New Zealand Police have employed 12 of the 13 Employee Practice Managers to guide and assist with the implementation and ongoing operation of the new disciplinary processes both at national and district levels. An induction conference has been delivered, with the Employee Practice Managers introduced to the new disciplinary process.

A further achievement is the dissemination of the results of the October 2007 Organisational Health Audit - Employee Engagement Survey, within the organisation. Presentations are cascading throughout the organisation to ensure the results are delivered to all staff in a consistent and timely manner. These results form the baseline for ongoing annual surveys, the next survey due to be undertaken in August 2008.

The methodology for implementing the recommendations is by way of business implementation plans. These plans consists of two parts:

  • 4.1 the National Implementation Plan - stating what Police are aiming to achieve from a national level and includes the Goals, Objectives, Outcomes, Success Factors, Measures and Timelines;
  • 4.2 the District / Business Unit Action Plans - stating how each are going to achieve the implementation from a district level in line with the national plan.

The New Zealand Police Adult Sexual Assault - Core Reference Group (ASA-CRG) has been formed and convened their first meeting in March 2008. The primary function of this group is, as a body of subject matter experts, to focus on the Police role in responding to adult sexual assault. It also provides a forum for two way communication, information sharing and expert opinion, advice, information and recommendations from external representatives to NZ Police. This will assist Police with developing, evaluating and monitoring their response to adult sexual assault.

Te Haerenga, a Maori focused roadshow, visited 12 cities around the country from Whangarei on 17 March 2008 to Invercargill on 2 April 2008. Te Haerenga is a unique presentation in which currently serving Police officers with varying whakapapa share their work stories-through a mixture of waiata, korero and kapa haka. Te Haerenga involved NZ Police engaging with and performing to Iwi and other Maori organisations and individuals.

The first Citizen Satisfaction survey commenced on the 12 March 2008 as part of the Service First Project. This survey will be conducted over a period of three months and will include up to 10,000 NZ Citizens. The first report is due in April 2008 and the final baseline report due in July 2008. The survey asks general questions about levels of trust and confidence in New Zealand Police, and specifically seeks information on people's experience of contact with police. The results from the survey will be used by police to help improve the way services are provided. For more information about the survey, go to: http://www.police.govt.nz/about-us/publication/citizens-satisfaction-survey-reports

Good progress is being made on developing the Independent Police Conduct Authority Amendment Bill, which will implement recent Cabinet decisions to enhance the role of the Authority. The proposals to enhance the role of the Authority implements a recommendation of the COI: to review the secrecy provisions to ensure that they do not inappropriately prevent the Authority from investigating complaints that may result in criminal or disciplinary proceedings being taken against a member of the Police. A summary of the recent Cabinet decisions can be found at: Beehive - Cabinet approves changes to Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Good progress is also being made by the Authority to implement the recommendations that relate to the Authority's processes and procedures:

  • The backlog of complaints have been reduced by 620 files (aged 12 months and older) in the period February 2007 and February 2008;
  • Processes have been instituted to better facilitate oral complaint taking and providing more contact with complainants; and
  • The appointments of a chief executive and a permanent media liaison officer have greatly strengthened the operational, administrative, governance and communications capacity of the Authority.